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As a school administrator, you’ve seen firsthand that more students are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic absenteeism than ever before. Studies estimate that 1 in 5 children are in need of mental health support. Of those, only 20% will receive the help they need and sadly since the start of the pandemic these numbers have gotten even worse. eLuma is determined to change the statistics- and help each and every child achieve his or her full potential.

eLuma is committed to partnering with schools and districts to ensure that students in need of mental health services receive the help they need. By offering an integrated approach to therapy, supporting the student, family, and school staff, eLuma enables you to do more, do it better, and in many cases, do it with less.

Why Do All Students Need Access to Mental Health Services?

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  • One in five children and adolescents experience a mental health problem during their school years.
  • 70% of teens now see anxiety and depression as a major problem among their peers
  • Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among 10 – 19 year olds  
  • 4 out of 10 students report that bullying, substance abuse, and alcohol consumption are major problems affecting students they know.

Supporting Mental Health Improves Social and Emotional Learning

Why is caring for mental health so important? Your student’s mental health affects so much more than most people realize. eLuma’s online Mental Health services improve student’s social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies. This greatly impacts student attendance and academic performance. When student social and emotional learning improves, so do attendance rates and academic performance.

eLuma Provides You With Clinicians Who Care

eLuma takes great pride in its community of clinical social workers, counselors and staff. They come from all over the country with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and offer a wide-range of specializations. All eLuma therapists are required to have a master’s or doctorate degree (depending on the requirements), along with the appropriate certifications and state licensing. Lastly, eLuma looks for individuals who are committed to embracing the company values and fulfilling its mission to help special education teams excel.

Supporting mental health through connecting children and adolescents with clinicians who care not only improves mental health – it improves their academic achievement and attendance rates. This in turn will provide your school district with increased budgets because the more full your classrooms are, the more funding you will receive.

Come See the eLuma Difference

Help Us End the Stigma Around Mental Health

eLuma wants to make sure every child and adolescent has access to the mental health care that they need and deserve. With our integrated approach to therapy, the time of students bottling up anxiety and depression can stay in the past. Your students need to have a safe space with trusted clinicians and staff so they can properly heal so they can get back to learning.

Where does eLuma fit?

eLuma’s online Mental Health services take a multi-tiered approach to offer support to both students with intensive and persistent challenges as well as for students who are at risk. eLuma brings together interdisciplinary services to address Multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) and Response to intervention (RTI) requirements.

Funding Options & Grant Writing Support

There are several federal funding options available to get your school district the mental health support that is needed such as ESSER I,II,III, IDEA and Title I funds. All eLuma solutions can be purchased with these funds.

As an extra support to you, eLuma also provides grant writing support. Our grant writing specialist can assist you as you request any of these federal funds.

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What Educators are Saying About eLuma Online Therapy

How It Works

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The Community

The eLuma community can provide the mental health services you need with competence, passion and dependability.



eLuma can help programs expand their capacity to ensure that each and every student can get exactly what they need.

The features and tools of online mental health services

Features & Tools

eLuma provides features and tools, which enable better efficiency, tracking, communication and overall effectiveness.

Are You a Therapist?

Free Consultation

If you’re like a lot of folks, you might still be a bit unfamiliar with online mental health services (aka teletherapy, telepractice, telehealth, etc.) and all of its many benefits. We invite you to check out our Why Online Therapy page to learn more about how effective, affordable and popular it really is.

If you want to learn more about how eLuma can specifically help YOUR program, we provide a free needs analysis to help you identify how you can improve your ability to deliver a broader range of high-quality online therapy services while simultaneously reducing your costs by several thousand (or more).

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