How Does Online Therapy Work?

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How Online Therapy Works

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eLuma’s clinicians provide all of the same therapy services as they would in a physical building. However, instead of meeting in person, therapy sessions are held live and online, through a fully secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

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So, is online therapy effective? One of the things that makes eLuma so effective is that it caters to your specific needs. eLuma can definitely provide therapy services to fill vacancies, but more and more schools are finding great value in the customized solutions, which enable them to save money, support their onsite teams, while getting better results with the students.

eLuma offers precision hiring, which gives you the ability to add services in hourly increments (instead of hiring another full-time person) to help you eliminate any understaffing or overstaffing issues. At the same time, it gives you the flexibility to provide more specialized therapy services to your students.

The setup is easy and the process is streamlined for efficiency. The therapy is easy to schedule and can be delivered virtually anywhere, anytime in a number of ways to accommodate your specific needs and objectives. Therapy can be provided on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions through one of our blended models.

Once the services begin, you’ll discover a wide range of benefits. With an array of features, the eLuma platform and caseload management system will enable the therapists to reduce their indirect time by as much as 25%. At the same time, stakeholders will be able to easily track, monitor and report on student progress in real time giving you total transparency & accountability.


eLuma's Online Therapy Solutions

Therapy Services

eLuma is committed to providing first-rate services with the highest level of dependability. Our highly-qualified and experienced therapists come from a national network that can service virtually any student, anywhere, anytime. We offer a wide-range of services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, School Psychology, Assessments, and Mental Health (Counseling, Social Work, Behavior Intervention).

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Platform & Software

eLuma features an industry-leading platform, which was designed for maximum engagement and efficiency. Our Therapy Management System provides an array of interactive tools, activities, and content along with robust features for streamlined case management. The platform has minimal tech requirements and is simple to set up. More importantly, it is HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant, secure, stable and easy to use.

Caseload Mgmt.

eLuma provides superior caseload management. Many tasks (scheduling, attendance tracking, evaluations & assessments, recording student data) are simplified with smart software to reduce indirect time. The reporting and IEP meeting features enable better progress monitoring and communication between stakeholders. With the platform, everything is stored online in one location with 24/7 access.

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