Why eLuma

Letter from the CEO

When we started the company in 2011, we embarked on an exciting journey to take the status quo head on and revolutionize the way students get the highest quality therapy services possible.  Over the years, we have worked with many school districts and charter schools who have believed in us and pushed us to innovate.  The shortage of therapists in the United States has been a catalyst for online therapies to bring more effective, efficient, and dependable services to districts and their students.

As we define who we are as a company and align ourselves with your goals, we’ve come to understand our passion.  We are passionate about being your most dependable solution because we care deeply about students…period.  We want our name to reflect these values more clearly.

VST is now eLuma [ee – lu – muh].  After talking with many district partners, surveying hundreds of people, looking deep into our company’s soul, and compiling a list of thousands of words and potential names, the word Luminary resonated with all of us.

lu-mi-nar-y (noun)

Orange Telescope Visionary


Innovating for the future.

Red heart


Understanding and considering another's perspective.

Green handshake


Consistently delivering on expectations.

Blue light bulb


Finding ways to solve problems.

Yellow Hand with Plus Signs


Making a positive impact in all we do.

eLuma’s network of therapists are luminaries to the students, and we intend to spread light and understanding by giving millions access to affordable, high-quality and specialized online therapy services.  We can envision a day when students have the choice of onsite and online services, so they aren’t pulled out of core classes and parents can be more involved in carry-over.

Today, we are stronger because of the districts and charter school partners we have.  Moving into the future, online therapy services are very much a contextual solution for optimization.  Online therapy services are not just a stop gap, but a long-term piece of a blended solution that raises the quality of services for all students.  Not only does online therapy raise the quality and effectiveness, but it also brings many more efficiencies and flexibility to districts.  We are on a mission to partner with districts and schools around the world who find value in partnering with a dependable and cost effective solution.

I invite you to explore our website and reach out.  We’d love to get to know you.

Jeremy Glauser Signature

Jeremy Glauser, President/CEO