What Makes eLuma Different?

People matter first.

Why eLuma?

“We believe blending online and onsite therapy can tremendously increase the quality of therapy in your K-12 education program – even to the tune of increasing productivity by 10-15%, connecting your students with specialized and credentialed therapists, and staffing with great precision. The districts we work with have realized thousands of dollars in savings, and we believe most districts have this same potential. We don’t partner with districts who we don’t know for a fact will benefit from online therapy services and our blended solutions.”

Jeremy Glauser


We're a different kind of education company.

Our Vision

Online Therapist

eLuma’s vision is to help millions of students and their families by creating easy access to affordable, high-quality therapy and support.

Our Mission

Online Student

eLuma’s mission is to help all students achieve their potential.

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Boy wearing headphones receiving eLuma online therapy services
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eLuma was founded as VST (Virtual Solutions for Therapy).


Online OT and PT were added as online therapy services. eLuma also began the development of a proprietary system that would facilitate online therapies and provide better insights for districts.


eLuma doubled in size and served more and more students in districts across the United States.


VST (Virtual Solutions for Therapy) became eLuma [ee – lu – muh].


Online School Psychology and Mental Health were added to eLuma’s online therapy services.