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Embracing Change Management in Uncertain Times

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Although 2020 is winding down, its legacy of uncertainty and change will continue into the foreseeable future. More than ever, educators need to be equipped with the right framework to deal with unprecedented challenges & circumstances. Come join us to hear from Mindy Hintze, a PROSCI Certified Change Management Practitioner, who has been managing change in various organizations for nearly 20 years. Mindy will break down change management into effective, actionable tasks to help you manage change in uncertain times. Effective change management takes a solid communication plan, learning opportunities, and reinforcement.

Mindy HintzeMindy Hintze is the Vice President of Customer Experience at eLuma. She is an accomplished educator, mental health provider, and EdTech leader. She started her professional career as a classroom teacher in special education. Her passion for social-emotional learning and helping students develop empathy and self-awareness inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in counseling psychology so she could work in and promote mental health. Seeing an opportunity to create an even greater impact, she eventually transitioned into the EdTech space, where she has worked with countless schools to improve student success and inspire change in education. As a part of this, she has helped thousands of teachers successfully develop their online teaching skills. Mindy is a PROSCI Certified Change Management Practitioner who has been managing change in various organizations for nearly 20 years.
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