eLuma Insight™

Helping your K-12 therapy team be the best they can be.

eLuma Insight provides school districts with unparalleled caseload management, compliance, resources, assessments, reporting, video conferencing & much more so your team can spend more time delivering quality therapy to students and less time doing paperwork.

The Best Therapy Management Software

Next school year, your school district will be able to license eLuma’s therapy management system, Insight™, independently with your own school or district.

eLuma Insight™ supports case management and therapy delivery in online, hybrid, and in-person settings.

Available in the 2022-2023 school year

Be one of the first to partner with eLuma and get early access to the groundbreaking therapy management system for K-12 schools and districts!

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Benefit From Our School Therapy Software

Administrators, therapists, educators and students have benefited from eLuma’s therapy services and software for years. Recently, we’ve been asked the  question, “Can we use your software with our internal teams?” Now, the answer is YES.

As a decision-maker, you need a therapy management system that puts all your staff members on the same page, and gives you visibility to ensure that services are being delivered and you are in compliance. eLuma Insight increases collaboration, transparency and accountability, providing the  flexibility to work with your team either online or onsite, seamlessly.

Save Time & Increase Efficiency With Our Teletherapy Platform

Smart and Dynamic Scheduling

A robust calendaring system allows you to monitor services and easily search and find key details about each student’s required services. You can monitor your program from anywhere.

Progress Monitoring and Data Tracking​

Gone are the days when you had to wait 90 days (or a whole quarter) to receive a detailed report on each student’s progress. With our Therapy Management System you can monitor every student’s progress and IEP or 504 goal data in real-time so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Content, Lessons, Collaboration

With over 30,000 pieces of content and fast search and find capabilities, eLuma’s Virtual Backpack™ is easily K-12’s most robust therapy content platform. Collaborate, create, share, and assign from a vast library of content. And it all fits in your pocket.

eLuma Online Mental Health Therapist
eLuma Grant Writing Support

Robust Reporting & Transparency

Save yourself in a scheduled or surprise audit. With eLuma, you will achieve a greater level of compliance so that you can rest easy knowing that students not only get the services they need, but you have everything centralized for easy reporting.

Video and Audio for Bandwidths of all Shapes and Sizes

Build confidence in a live, online video and audio connection that works on virtually any bandwidth…with HD quality. Choose from multiple layouts, zoom in and out, and get HIPAA compliant recordings for easy playback anywhere, anytime.

Role-Based Access

You, your school staff, and even parents can collaborate effectively with online therapists in a role based telehealth platform that is tailored to each user’s needs. Grant and remove access to key stakeholders at your own discretion so you can give people more information right at their fingertips. Do more with what you have.

Experience the eLuma Difference