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Catching Up & Looking Forward

eLuma is here to help you catch up this school year, so you can look forward to a brighter future.

Get Caught Up This School Year

K-12 School Educator Working on Extended School Year Services

Have you felt like you’ve been treading water this school year? Educators nationwide have been struggling to keep the doors open due to the pandemic and train staff, which makes it near impossible to proactively plan for next year.

eLuma is here to help you catch up, so you can look forward to a brighter future. More than just a K-12 online therapy provider, we strive to form a true partnership with school districts and create custom solutions that work for your unique needs.

We’ve prepared a few resources and ideas for you that can prepare you for this summer and into the next school year.

eLuma Mental Health & Special Education Solutions

By bringing people and technology together to facilitate innovative educational solutions, we ensure all children and adolescents are empowered to achieve their full potential. We connect students and districts with clinicians who care, ensuring that students
receive the services they need.

  • Online Mental Health
  • Software Solutions
  • Online School Psychology
  • Online Speech Therapy
  • Online Occupational Therapy
  • Online Physical Therapy
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Early Bird Pricing Available!

Did you know that you can save by committing before July 1st, 2022?

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have the personnel you need for next school year, and save money while you’re at it! Connect with our School Partnerships team to learn more.

Make the Extended School Year Count

Did you know that your school district can pilot eLuma’s services during the Extended School Year? ESY is not only a fantastic way to offer compensatory services for students with IEP’s but it’s also a great time to test new innovative solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Piloting online therapy during ESY is affordable, and staffing shortages are no longer a concern.

Learn more about our Extended School Year partner program from our School Partnerships Team.

School-based Mental Health & Learning Loss​

Like many other districts, you may be looking for more mental health support for your students. The increase in anxiety, depression, chronic absenteeism, along with many states having lockdowns due to the pandemic has contributed to a considerable amount of learning loss.

eLuma offers high-quality mental health care by using an integrated strategy for addressing student mental health issues.

Our integrated strategy includes four key activities.

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Caregiver Support
  • Professional Development

Integrating online mental health counseling in your district will allow you to help more of your students and get your staff the training they need.

Resources & Events

Mental Health Webinar Series: Office Hours w/ Dr. John Kelly

Dr. Charles Barrett – It’s Always About the Children: Educators Bringing Their Whole Selves to the Profession

Dr. Byron McClure – How a Human-Centered Design Approach Might Transform Schools 

Dr. Mitchell Samet – Creating and Implementing Effective Suicide Response Practices in Schools

Dr. Jack Naglieri – A Social Justice Approach to Identifying Gifted Students

Dr. Kelly Vaillancourt  – Strategies to Support Student and Educator Wellness

Kathleen Kryza – Teach Peace: Developing Hope and Empathy in Schools and Classrooms

Dr. Celeste Malone – Culturally Responsive Mental Health

Dr. Katie Eklund – Universal Screening for Mental & Behavioral Health in Schools

Learn how eLuma can help your school or district.​​