Back-To-School Pilot Program: Try Before You Buy

At eLuma we truly want to make a difference in the lives of the students we serve. We founded the company on the belief that blending onsite and live, online therapy can produce better outcomes.

The traditional therapy model is not going away anytime soon. However, a growing body of evidence indicates that online therapy can actually enhance performance for onsite staff and students.  This includes combining online speech therapy, online occupational therapy, online school psychology, and online mental health services with your onsite team.

Contrary to common perception, online therapy is not in competition with onsite therapy. Online therapy brings a different set of benefits, and by blending the two, schools and districts get the best of both worlds. We don’t want to replace good onsite staff members; we want to complement what they’re doing and help close the student achievement gap.

Ultimately, a blended solution brings precision hiring to expand a school’s capacity, specialization from credentialed and highly qualified clinicians anywhere in the country, robust curriculum, student progress monitoring in real-time, rich reporting, enhanced session data, flexible scheduling, and much more. Everyone involved comes out on top.

Our hope is to show districts across the US that live, online therapy can provide additional benefits to onsite staff and special education programs:

Contact us to see if your district or school is eligible for this exclusive Back-to-School Pilot Program. Try online therapy without any risks before you make the decision to take the plunge and reap the benefits.

  • District dollars go further
  • No more wasted “windshield” time
  • 15-20% more productivity from therapists
  • Specialists working with students
  • Better access to student progress monitoring in real-time
  • Robust curriculum developed on an ongoing basis by real therapists
  • Hiring with precision

We’re looking for districts/schools that are forward thinking and committed to making a difference. For $500 per student, we will provide online speech therapy (or online occupational therapy) in accordance with each student’s IEP for three months. In addition, we will provide up to 10 licenses to our proprietary platform for district and school staff to leverage online, onsite, or however they’d like.

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Jeremy Glauser

Jeremy Glauser

Jeremy is the Founder and President of eLuma. He earned a Bachelor of Arts for both Linguistics and Business Management from Brigham Young University, graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors along with a certification of native proficiency for the Spanish language. With his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for linguistics, and a desire to make a difference, he has been involved in multiple ventures to provide relief to individuals struggling with speech and communication disorders. eLuma represents his most recent success where he has built the company into one of the nation's leading teletherapy providers for K12 schools and districts. To date, the company has provided over 350,000 hours of therapy (speech, occupational, physical, and counseling services) to over 8,000 individuals throughout the country. Not one to rest on accomplishment, Glauser remains committed to finding new ways to make essential therapies and technology better, more affordable and easy to access!