Setting Up An At-Home Learning Environment

Parent and child homeschooling via the computer

This week, Rocio Espinoza, from Porch, shares advice on how to set up an at-home learning environment for homeschooling. How to Create An At-Home Learning Environment For Homeschooling by Rocio Espinoza Whether by choice or necessity due to Coronavirus school closings, millions of parents have suddenly become homeschooling teachers. This new experience can be challenging, but … Read more

Discover Why Teletherapy Is a Viable & Long-Term Solution

Boy wearing headset at computer, smiling while in an eLuma online therapy session

In light of recent events, educators are facing an array of unprecedented challenges, through which teletherapy has emerged as one of the primary solutions to delivering services. It also has opened the door to new capabilities, efficiencies, and exciting future potential. Nevertheless, many schools and districts remain skeptical and are reluctant to consider teletherapy despite … Read more